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Jo, London
Isabel cannot sleep
without them.

Suzie Cullen,London
No mum should be without
at least 6 Bigmuz.

Lisa, Hertfordshire
They are wonderful, I simply
couldnt be without them.

Rose, Hampshire

Definately on a baby
"must have" list.


Why Bigmuz Muslin Swaddling Wraps ?

Is your little one keeping
you awake at night?

Do they only want to fall
asleep on you?

Don't worry you are one
step away from cracking
your baby's sleeping habits.

Supersized 100% soft
cotton muslin squares
- swaddling wraps - are the answer.

Bigmuz's simple idea
of using a 120cm sq muslin
wrap to swaddle is second
to none, as the open weave
allows air flow around the baby.

Just wrap your precious bundle
in one of these cloths, as the
instructions show and watch them
fall into a lovely restful sleep.

Perfect. It couldn't be simpler with Bigmuz- Swaddling Wraps

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